Game Show Success: Creating a Game Show from Scratch

It’s a lot to expect game shows to be successful from the start, but it’s not impossible to do. As with any show, preparation, sorting things out and the determination to see your show succeed plays a big part in the success of a show.

Here’s the process of creation in its entirety:

  • Get a great writer, videographer, and a place. All game shows have an iconic set as well as some shots considered uniquely theirs, all thanks to the creative team and the person handling the camera. It also pays to get a good writer for those questions people will get familiar with.
  • Start with the easy questions, creating tension. Game shows often lull the contestant into a false sense of security. Once they’re hooked in, the difficult questions usually start. It’s a great tactic to keep the audience hooked in as well.
  • Set the vibe. The tone of the show usually goes along with the color of the lights or the sounds you use when the questions get tough. It’s what makes the show more memorable to the people doing the answering or those watching at home.
  • Coin a good catchphrase. All the great shows have their own catchphrase. You don’t really have to have one, but it’s a good way to let people remember your show. It might also be annoying—but any publicity is good publicity, as they say.

It goes without saying that there are many more processes involved in creating a show than just these four. Remember, however, that more than just creating an idea and selling it to the masses, it’s a team of people behind the process; finding good people that share the same vision with you will go a long way toward ensuring the creation of your show and its success in the long run.